Cynthia R. Bunton

Cynthia R. Bunton has over 20 years of senior executive experience with a focus on international diplomacy, global and regional program management and business strategy development. Her responsibilities as a Foreign Service Officer included advising on US interests and managing programs in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and at the United Nations. She also has a strong background in political analysis, human rights, women’s issues, intellectual property rights and international commerce.

Ms. Bunton has worked with the US Congress and at the multi-agency level to facilitate international programs. As an official observer in the monitoring of the Post-Camp David Middle East peacekeeping force, engaged in diplomatic initiatives with the Israeli and Egyptian military. Her multi-national experiences include political assignment at the United Nations and coordination of the Secretary of State’s participation at the UN General Assembly and Security Council. She spent four years as Deputy Political Counselor at The Hague with extensive dealings with the EU and International Court of Justice. As Asia Director of the International Republican Institute, Ms. Bunton was responsible for strategic direction and oversight on programs designed to strengthen regulatory and political systems, promote economic opportunity and broaden participation of civil society in 11 countries including China. She has participated in international election observation missions in Asia and Europe, has served as Peer Reviewer for the U.S. Institute of Peace, served on the Boards of Chatham University and the Washington Network Group and is an avid music lover and voice over artist.