Our People

The staff of the Bridges Institute consists of cadre of veteran foreign affairs specialists who have held numerous positions in both government and the non-profit private sector. Their experiences span decades of sustainable development work in education, political participation, conflict resolution, leadership development, and women’s leadership in Africa. Expertise includes economic growth in Sub Saharan Africa, international diplomacy, global and regional program management, business strategy development and goals-based planning. Read More …

President’s Message

Thank you for visiting the Bridges website and entering our world. You know, democracy is a fragile ideal, constantly besieged somewhere in the world. The Bridges Institute is dedicated to strengthening African democracy and governance by connecting ordinary African citizens to ordinary citizens in the Diaspora, the U.S., the EU and emerging markets countries of China, India, Brazil and South Africa (CHIBA) as well as Turkey and Indonesia. Read More …

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Promote democracy and good governance on the African continent
  • Enhance perceptions of Africa’s intellectual capital
  • Strengthen ties between and among African nations, global partners and the diaspora

Bridges will achieve this mission through

  • Policy dialogue
  • Leadership training and mentorship
  • Project sharing of successful African solutions to global social disparities

Our Approach

  • Encourage senior leadership to identify annually one key issue facing the continent, assess the problem, suggest solutions, and combine resources in a campaign to tackle the issue
  • Promote senior leadership development and mentoring of mid-level up-and-comers
  • Strengthen perceptions of Africa’s intellectual capital by sharing with other regions successful African programs to address global social issues; e.g. HIV/AIDS

Our Partners

Africa is on the move, and has a unique moment to forge new relationships, engage the Diaspora, strengthen economic ties, promote good governance and foster a new generation to lead the continent.  Bridges aims to contribute to that bright future. We partner with many extraordinary organizations who expertise and support enables us to do far more than we could alone. Read More …